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Halloween Parade Route Announced

The Halloween Parade Committee recently announced the following details: 



A new route for the 2023 Halloween Parade has been approved!  For the safety of all, there will be only ONE way into the staging area, ONE way out for the parade route and ONE way returning to the staging area.  We suggest that you arrive at the Staging Area between 5:00 and 5:30.  The parade should start around 6:30.  
The parade route will be as follows: 

1. The route will begin at Old Dickson Road, going past the 911 Center building and onto Highway 100 heading to the town square.  
2. You will then take a left at the second red light on the square onto Church Street.
3. The next turn will be left onto College Street and continue until taking a left onto E Swan Street.  
4. Turn right onto Hwy 100 and then left onto Mary Field Avenue leading back to the elementary school.  

STAGING AREA FOR ENTRIES: Turn onto Mary Field Avenue from Highway 100.  Upon arriving at the staging area on Mary Field Avenue, you will be stopped at this point and asked if your registration form was submitted, and if your entry is ready for line up.
1. If both your registration form and entry are complete, you will be directed to continue forward to the intermediate school, around the loop and head back up to Dickson Road to be lined up.
2. If you do not have a registration form previously submitted, you will be given a form to complete and directed into the Centerville Elementary School parking lot.  Once you complete the form and your entry, please notify us so that you can be directed where to go to be placed in the lineup.  
3. If you submitted a registration form but your entry is not ready, you will be directed to the Centerville Elementary School parking lot to finish working on your entry.  Once you have completed your entry, please notify us so that you can be directed where to go to be placed in the lineup.  
If your entry is being worked on while in the school parking lot, please be courteous and make room for other entries who also need to utilize this area.  If you have other vehicles with you while working on your entry, please note that for the safety of others those vehicles cannot come out of the parking lot until after the parade has returned.  We advise them to park at the Post Office and walk down to the staging area.

FACEBOOK LIVESTREAM: The parade will be livestreaming on Facebook.  You will be stopped at a designated point so the camera operator and Mickey Bunn can talk about your entry .  Your entry for the “PEOPLE’S CHOICE” award will be voted on via Facebook.  
BEST ENTRY AWARD: This award is chosen by a panel of judges.  
ROAD CLOSURES FOR PARADE: Leading up to and during the parade the following streets will be closed on October 28, 2023: 
 Mary Field Avenue (entrance at the wastewater treatment plant)
 Oak Avenue
 West Swan Street (toward the library)
IMPORTANT NOTE: Spectators please do not park at the Dollar Store - park at the Post Office.  No one will be allowed to park or stand in front of the 911 Center building or in front of the Fire Station Building for the parade.  Safety for everyone is our 1st priority and fun is our 2nd.  We hope to give you the best parade to date.

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